It is performed by interpreting symbols formed by loose-leaf. What do the shapes in your coffee or tea cup tell you? See the meaning of dozens of symbols you may see in tasseography, coffee or tea leaf. Tasseography or tasseomancy is the art of reading tea leaves. Nevertheless, the general agreement is that. This primer on tasseography is just the thing to start you off.


Instructions for reading tea leaves. Tea leaf reading is an ancient fortune telling art interpreting patterns made by tea.

This workshop can be brought to your own home. Please contact us for further details. Get your creative kid into tasseography ! Shop for tasseography on Etsy, the place to express your creativity through the buying and selling of handmade and vintage goods. The word tasseography is rooted from the Arabic word, tassa, which means cup, combined with the Greek suffix of graph (writing). Coffee grounds and wine sediments too can be used for this.


Did you know that your coffee cup holds clues about yourself, your present and your future?

The art of reading tea leaves has been practiced for centuries by everyone from Buddhist monks to Bedouins to Gypsies. While there are many ways in which one can use their. To try tasseography for yourself, you must first make tea. Who knew there were so many books about tasseography (tea leaf reading)?

The first inklings of Western tasseography can be traced to medieval. This is the art of divination through reading tea leaves. Tasseoraphy dates back thousands of years in China. Tasseomancy is the art and practice of divination by the interpretation of. It refers to any type of divination that involves reading tea leaves or similar substances.

See what people are saying and join the conversation. I keep trying to read the tea leaves greening the lukewarm belly of the mug—" Read and listen to the rest of the poem at Drunken Boat. So with tasseography, or any other type of interpretive fortune telling, the theory is that the reader uses his intuitive faculties to tune into the universal conscious. In tasseography, the " querent" is the tea-drinker and the reader interprets the symbols. The art of divination or fortune telling through tea leaves and coffee grounds. The reading of residual coffee grounds is believed to give an insight. TASSEOGRAPHY : READING POST-RACIAL RESISTANCE TO.

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